What Makes Your Life Colourful

The Challenge

In the last couple of years, Havas DXB has developed successful offline and online campaigns with a meaningful impact for well-known beauty brands across a vast portfolio.

L’Occitane launched the “What Makes Your Life Colorful” campaign in October 2019. The campaign encourages people to tap into what makes their life colorful, and linking it back to the playful and authentic values of the brand roots, while showcasing the colorful new lipstick line-up.

The Results

The Squad campaign resulted in +4M impressions, +2M reach, and +214K interactions through the combined following of +8.7M IG followers.
L’Occitane’s sun-soaked Provencal ingredients and vitamin filled beauty line became a hit amongst consumers, widening the brand’s focus from skincare to an entirely new line-up.