September 13, 2022

Red Havas Launches Global ESG Comms Offering “Red Impact” in the Middle East

by William Turner in News

Red Havas, the micronetwork of merged media agencies, announces the launch of Red Impact, a new offering that brings together its environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) expertise and capabilities from across the world. The regional debut of Red Impact was marked by a visit from James Wright, Global CEO of Red Havas and Global Chairman of Havas PR Global Collective, who introduced the capability to the local agency team during a townhall held on September 13th.

The launch of Red Impact comes as demand continues to increase for global approaches to purpose-driven strategic communications, allowing for a more integrated approach by bringing together a team of specialists from across the agency’s micronetwork. Building on Red Havas and Havas Group’s long history of exploring cause and purpose in their thought leadership materials, Red Impact responds to the need to assist new and existing clients in their quest to make a positive difference in the world.

“If you are tackling a challengethat will help improve ourworldand needhelp decoding the cause landscape, Red Havas is proud to be known as the go-toagency. Our work in this space continues to expand in terms of the number of briefs we receive and the increasing number of clients that need strategic counsel and assistance with tackling these issues from a global standpoint.Formalizing Red Impact across markets allows us to be more integrated about how we help our clients make a positive difference in the world. Are we preoccupied with purpose? Yes. We believe it’s at the heart of any truly great business.”

James Wright

Global CEO, Red Havas; Global Chairman, Havas PR Global Collective

L-R: Dany Naaman, Dana Tahir, James Wright

“In the Middle East, the launch of Red Impact reflects our commitment to align with the GCC’s target of becoming net zero. Across the Havas Village, our work in purpose-driven communications underlines the need to create relatable and engaging content that can enable brands to build powerful connections with their audiences as they look to leave their mark on the world. This is not about delivering purpose for purpose’s sake. It is about understanding that making a meaningful difference to people, brands and business is about being values driven, with the ultimate goal of inspiring real impact that has the power to shift cultural mindsets, attitudes, and behavior.”

Dany Naaman

CEO, Havas Middle East

Dany Naaman, Dana Tahir, James Wright, and Red Havas Leadership Team

Since our rebranding as Red Havas last year, we have become increasingly attune to a growing demand by clients for purpose- and ESG-driven communications. The launch of Red Impact offers our clients a unique opportunity to explore how they can tackle global challenges in the race towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future. As more brands look to make a meaningful difference, we look forward to supporting them in their journeys to defining their corporate purpose.”

Dana Tahir

General Manager, Red Havas Middle East

James Wright and Red Havas Corporate Communications Team

In recent months, Red Havas announced new strategic hires including Rishi Talwalker as Strategy & Growth Communications Director and Rusty Beukes as Creative Director. The recent appointments complement Red Havas’ move towards a merged media model, defined by the agency’s approach to blending traditional and digital publishing, content, social media, and data. Talwalker and Beukes’ expertise lie in driving meaningful brand campaigns through creative cultural storytelling to deliver impactful communications.


About Red Havas Middle East

Established in 2001 with its regional HQ in Dubai, Red Havas Middle East provides clients a fully integrated public relations offering, including social, digital PR and influencer relations.

While it has long been known as the region’s premier luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle agency, Red Havas has expanded its portfolio to include a diverse set of clients that range from insurance, government, finance, tech and retail to oil & gas, pharma, environmental, FMCG, F&B and hospitality brands.

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About Havas Middle East

Havas Middle East is part of Havas Group, one of the world’s largest global communications groups. Based on a client-centric model across all its disciplines, Havas Middle East is a full-service, fully integrated communications powerhouse, operating seamlessly across Creative, Media and PR. Over 200 of the world’s brightest and bravest, working in a place we call the Havas Village.

Our Havas mission: To make a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and the lives of the people we work with.

Havas Group integrated Vivendi in December 2017. With 20,000 employees in more than 100 countries, Havas Group is committed to creating meaningful connections and having a positive impact in the world through creativity, media and innovation.

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