July 5, 2023


by William Turner in News

This summer, Red Havas Group will begin launching 10 Centers of Excellence around key disciplines and industry sectors where we have well-established credentials and experience.

Says James Wright, Global CEO, “With these Centers of Excellence, we’ve handpicked our best minds from around the world and put them together to discuss trends and distill insights. This is all in service of our clients, who will be gaining access to even more globally informed and nuanced points of view when we deliver strategic counsel and as we help them navigate the issues and trends shaping, and reshaping, their industries.”

Red Havas’ Centers of Excellence build on our global offerings, including Red Havas Health, an offering spanning the health-and-wellness continuum, from Rx and OTC to medical devices and health solutions to HCP and patient engagement. In addition, our clients benefit from Red Connect, our global content and creative production agency; Red Impact, which brings together our environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and sustainability capabilities worldwide; and Peaks, a multichannel executive branding service designed to help C-suite executives develop a personal brand that’s authentic, compelling and aligned with their corporate identity.

The Centers of Excellence that have launched are:

  • B2B, including manufacturing and industrial, chaired by U.S. SVP Jodi Einhorn
  • Impact, which focuses on purpose, sustainability, ESG and cause, chaired by Matt Thomas, Managing Partner, Corporate and Public Affairs
  • Influencers, chaired by Business Director, Ourhai Tower
  • Luxury, Hospitality and Travel, chaired by Account Director Sarah Roberts
  • Mobility and Transportation, chaired by Group Account Director, Paul Ellis
  • Peaks, which focuses on executive branding and positioning, chaired by EVP Linda Descano, CFA®
  • Tech and eCommerce, chaired by Red Havas Australia CEO, Shane Russell

Three other Centers of Excellence — focused on Beauty and Wellness, Brand and Lifestyle, and Financial Services — are in the process of being formed.

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