Weetabix Influencer Campaign

The Challenge

Weetabix is a cereal brand that has proven to be popular among American/ European expats in the GCC but not as popular among other cultural groups/ demographics. The brand was facing challenges keeping up to date with market trends and resonating with young parents due to the absence of PR activities/ targeted localized content, and therefore sought Havas Dubai’s expertise to roll out its first influencer marketing campaign in the region.

The Solution

The campaign planning aimed at supporting the brand’s marketing efforts and rolled out Wave 1 between September and November 2019.

The Idea – Weetabix Super Mornings: Havas PR identified 8 women of substance to represent the brand in an organic manner.

The aim was to highlight these women’s superpowers and link them to 4 different personas: Super Mom + Super Boss + Super Creative + Super Sporty in line with Weetabix’ Super Mornings Campaign.

Key Message: Why is Weetabix the go to breakfast choice for these women?


  • 2 – 3 posts on Instagram per influencer
  • Radio sponsorship in line with the influencer campaign key messages + interviews featuring some of them to ensure wider reach.
  • 4 paid advertorials with Elle Arabia, Grazia ME, Hia Magazine and Ahlan! Live to further highlight the campaign’s influencers.
  • Dance event in partnership with a fitness studio with the influencers in attendance.

The Results

The campaign bridged the gap between Weetabix and the customer base it was trying to reach by producing relevant, believable and engaging content that appealed to different age groups and demographics across the region.
Instagram insights show that the campaign succeeded to get audiences curious/ excited about the product, which was mainly seen through the traffic driven to Weetabix Arabia page by each influencer. Results: - Total Impressions: 6.3M - Total Reach: 3.3M - Total Interactions: 353K - Total EMV: $317,545 USD - Total # Likes: 814,184 - Total # Comments: 4,035