La Roche-Posay Skinema Event

The Challenge

La Roche-Posay & Havas handled the first ever event in the region since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Skinema event, a contactless movie experience under the stars, celebrated the brand’s newly launched Serums with top media and influencers.

Our key objectives were:

  • Raise awareness about the new Serum Collection
  • Position La Roche-Posay as the first ever brand in the region to organize a contactless event, since and during, the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Increase engagement around the brand on social media platforms
  • Amplify La Roch-Posay’s online presence through an exclusive, memorable experience at the Reel Cinemas Drive-In, The Dubai Mall Zabeel

La Roche-Posay and Havas had originally planned a physical, sensory-filled event, however due to the pandemic, we had to change direction to accommodate the new normal. With only two weeks left for the launch, we studied trends in social interactions and behavior during the pandemic, while still monitoring the daily shifting safety and curfew regulations in the UAE.

The Solution

We noticed that a lot of beauty brands were conducting events through a variety of online platforms, and while this was the most obvious route for La Roche-Posay, we wanted to explore something new and unique. When VOX and Reel launched their outdoor cinemas, we had a eureka moment, envisioned a contactless guest journey involving attendees driving in their cars to learn about the serums in a creative approach and match the ambiance of a drive-in cinema journey. Thus, the idea of SKINEMA was conceptualized. However, we did not directly jump into execution mode. We waited a while to observe public behavior and how these outdoor cinemas were being perceived by media and influencers. We wanted to ensure that there were no hiccups in the overall experience and that the attendees were not being put into any harm.

A very exciting project & perfect execution! We’re super happy with the results & success of this event, and for being able to be the 1st brand to activate post-lockdown through a creative & complete journey for the audience. We had an impressive outcome with the unexpected number of attendees & immense coverage received during & post-event. It was our chance to leverage the opportunity of the new drive-through cinema concept, while making sure influencers had a good time. Not to mention, timing for this event was everything. We had complete reactiveness & smooth collaborations with Havas in a short notice. Havas’ relationship with influencers was a huge drive in ensuring the great attendance we had!” The global and other internal teams also shared their feedback on the Skinema experience. “Congrats for the prez at Advocacy workshop! Wow! I loved to know more about the Skinema you have showed to us.``

La Roche-Posay Brazil team

The Results

The event outcome was very successful as 62 influencers and media were secured versus the brand’s KPI of 30 guests.
Social media platforms generated +1.72M AVE via +460 instant clippings, +5M Impressions, +900K Reach, & +500K Engagement.
The contactless experience raised awareness on the new launch and created buzz, while ultimately positioning La Roche-Posay as the first brand in the region to activate an event given the circumstances.
Momentum was also sustained three days following the event due to the post event unboxing, which resulted in additional coverage and awareness.